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Credit Unions of Ontario Launch Awareness Campaign

EN_300x250_CUO_CooperativeBanking_v1With their newly formed group complete, the Credit Unions of Ontario recently launched a campaign to raise awareness for the way changing ways that Ontarians have towards credit unions and the benefits of this alternative form of banking.  The creative campaign is aimed to encourage Ontarians to think about how they bank and consider credit unions as an economically viable and socially meaningful alternative to traditional banking options. 

Credit unions from across Ontario have come together as the Credit Unions of Ontario to encourage Ontarians to join the co-operative banking movement, introduced through an inaugural creative campaign. The campaign, which includes ads on television and the web, as well as a refreshed social media presence, is designed to change the perceptions and attitudes Ontarians have towards credit unions, while educating them about the many benefits of this alternative form of banking.

“Credit unions have always helped our Members achieve financial freedom by putting Members’ best interests front and centre,” said Stephen Bolton, President and CEO of Libro Credit Union, speaking on behalf of the Credit Unions of Ontario. “The Credit Unions of Ontario are excited to show Ontarians just what a great banking alternative we are. After all, we do great things to help our Members and the communities where we all live.”

The campaign includes television and web ads, as well as a social media presence, as well a survey conducted that reveals that only one in five Ontarians (19 per cent) named a credit union when asked about financial institutions they are aware of. When probed, only one third (36 per cent) of respondents understand the types of services credit unions offer, how they function and how they differ from other financial institutions. 

“Credit unions have taken home the Ipsos Best Banking Award for overall Customer Service Excellence for nine consecutive years, yet our survey shows that we are still the best-kept financial services secret in Ontario,” said Bolton. “We intend to change that by showing Ontarians that we represent a great banking choice – one that empowers them to make a difference in their lives and within their community.”