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Want More Retail Customers? Survey Data Shows The Power Of A Strong Rewards Program

LoblawsAs part of their expansion of PC Plus, Loblaws today released some new data from a survey that looks at how Canadians engage with rewards programs.  The program was launched earlier this year at 44 Loblaws stores in Ontario and now extends to the rest of the country, making it one of Canada’s largest supermarket reward programs.

A recent survey shows just how much Canadians love to collect points.  In fact, 90 percent of Ontario residents stated they use reward programs.

“We’re excited to be able to provide Canadians with a new way to earn points towards dollars off their total purchase with the launch of the PC Plus reward program”, said Uwe Stueckmann, senior vice president, marketing, Loblaw Companies Limited. “This unique rewards program helps families earn points on the items they buy most often and making shopping more convenient than ever, with tools like menu planners and shopping lists.”

The survey also revealed that:

  • British Columbians are savers – 93 percent who use rewards programs save up their points, and only 7 percent can’t wait and spend them right away
  • Albertans spend smart – the majority (66 percent) of Alberta residents who use rewards programs wait until they have $100 or more worth of points before they redeem
  • It’s good to treat yourself – 38 percent of Canadians in the Prairies who use rewards programs save their points for something special
  • Sharing has its benefits – 67 percent of Ontarians share their rewards card to earn more points
  • Points matter to Quebecers – nearly half (48 percent) of Quebecers who use rewards programs say that points have an impact on what they purchase at least some of the time, and 25 percent are likely to buy something that wasn’t on their list just to earn more points;
  • Atlantic Canadians are practical – more than half (56 percent) of Atlantic residents who use rewards programs use their points to purchase items they typically buy anyway