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Survey Says: “Women More Vain In Person Than Online”

“Don’t shoot the messenger,” but according to results from a survey conducted by all-in-one messenger service, more women are vain in person than online.  The company used Google Consumer Surveys to assess women’s comfort level when it comes to video calling — would you take a video call without any makeup?

The new survey reveals that women are becoming more comfortable interacting in a virtual setting makeup free than they are in real life. Results indicate women who regularly video chat are almost three times more likely to go makeup-free on a video call than women going about their day-to-day activities – (going to work, running to the store or going on a date).
A deeper look at the results also indicates:

  • Comfortable on camera: Four out of five women would take a video call without makeup, while only one out of five women would be okay going to work au natural
  • Must wear makeup in public: One in three women say they wouldn’t go to the store, go to work or go on a date without any makeup
  • Seniors are more shy: 55-64 year-old women are twice as likely to wear makeup on a video call than 18-24 year olds

gossip“When you are so accustomed to communicating over phone calls, texts and emails, introducing a new line of face-to-face communication can definitely take some getting used to,” shares Brandi Kolmer, imo’s marketing lead. “We are headed to a place where daily video calls are a common means of communication, and this study further shows that women are becoming more confident on camera: who would have thought the days of ignoring a video call request because you weren’t fully done up could actually be a thing of the past?”
While most now view video calling as a casual, daily way to converse with family and friends, Brandi and the imo team know there is some work to do make newcomers feel comfortable on-screen. Here are a few tips that can make a difference to your appearance — whether you’re a first-time video caller, have a last-minute interview or been asked out on a first “virtual” date:

  • Turn on the light: Don’t chat in the dark. Be sure you’re facing the light, whether it’s a window in front of you or a lamp next to your screen.
  • Screen height: Elongate your neck by positioning the screen above you, so you don’t end up with tired-looking eyes or a double chin.
  • Show those pearly whites: Smiling into the camera sets a more inviting tone for the call.
  • Background noise: Is there a stack of ugly books or a distracting NSYNC poster behind you? Remember, they can see everything so minimize the space if you need to.
  • Tone it down: Shiny jewelry and bright patterns can look messy on screen — you want your caller to focus on what you’re saying, not what you’re wearing.

Do you agree with the survey results?