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Coca-Cola Celebrates Open Happiness Across Canada

Coca-Cola Canada Open HappinessCanadians are known around the world for many things, one of which is how polite we are, no matter the circumstances (well almost any). According to a national survey conducted by Environics Research for Coca-Cola Canada, Canadians have shown kindness to others through random actions an average of four times in the last four weeks. This includes such things as opening a door, offering to carry heavy items or giving up a seat on public transit. Yet, 70 per cent of us feel many of these acts don’t receive the recognition they deserve. That’s why Coca-Cola Canada is celebrating some very special individuals who make others happy with remarkable acts in their own communities across the country. The goal? Share their stories to help inspire others to give a little kindness too.

“When it comes to kindness, seeing really is believing,” says Carolyn Harty, Senior Brand Manager, Coca-Cola.  “More than half of Canadians are motivated to pay-it-forward themselves when they see others making a kind gesture.  It is these small acts of kindness that make a larger difference and inspire and create happiness.”

As part of this campaign, Coca-Cola Canada completed a cross-country search to find stories about Canadians who are on a personal mission to create more happiness in the world. Here are just a few of the special stories identified:

  • Make a Wish…Sixteen year old Sheliza Kassam, a native of Calgary, decided on her thirteenth birthday that instead of gifts, she and her family would help feed families in need. Her one small gesture ballooned into a non-profit organization that Sheliza now runs to throw birthday parties for children living in shelters who otherwise would not be able to celebrate their special day.
  • Brown Baggin’ It.  Winnipeg teen Nathan Unrau, with the support of his parents Rohan and Elsie Unrau, launched Lunches with Love – a non-profit organization that makes and donates 450 paper bag lunches to Winnipeg’s homeless shelters every other Saturday.
  • Dancing is in his Roots.  Twenty-two year old Luke Watters from Halifax knows just how much dance fuels a positive lifestyle. He now heads up a special organization called Concrete Roots to help teens get off the streets and find their outlet in dance, giving them the confidence to excel in something they love.

Several acts of kindness were documented by filmmakers from across the country and can be seen on above. The Open Happiness Project is a special program that provided 22 aspiring Canadian filmmakers with $2,000 or $3,000 grants to help inspire more kindness and inevitably happiness through their art. Coca-Cola is honoured to help showcase the diversity of voices through these films and shine a light on these young adult filmmakers’ work as they grow in their careers.

“We’re very impressed by the actions of these teens and the stories that these filmmakers from across Canada have created and chosen to tell,  They truly inspire us all to think about how we can look at the world a little differently,” says Harty.  “This summer, we hope every Canadian can experience how a little bit of kindness can make others happy.”

Coca-Cola Canada Open HappinessThe Coca-Cola Canada Open Happiness summer campaign is a highly integrated program developed to amplify the positive acts of happiness of some special Canadians, and to inspire others to help make a difference in the world. The campaign incorporates film, TV, online and digital media, out-of-home, social, experiential, public relations and in-store marketing.  The campaign includes:

  • A new globally adapted commercial (Security Camera) that highlights some random acts of happiness that were caught on camera to encourage Canadians to look at the world a little differently.
  • An interactive YouTube page that features the work of teen and young adult filmmakers across Canada, capturing and sharing stories of  acts of happiness in communities across the country.
  • Regional experiential teams deployed across the country will be performing random acts of happiness to inspire teens this summer.
  • Summer packaging that inspires consumers to open and share the happiness of Coke with family and friends this summer (including cans, bottles and secondary packaging)


  • Zulu Alpha Kilo (creative)
  • UM (media planning)
  • Mosaic (experiential/event marketing)
  • Gravity (social media, digital)
  • Environics Communications (public relations)
  • Perennial (packaging)
  • The Hive (shopper marketing)