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Neal Brothers Foods Kettle-style Chips Kicks Off National Campaign To Mark Its 25th Anniversary

PinkSaltChipsSince 1998, brothers Peter and Chris Neal have been building their snack food business to be a national brand, and now the company has started celebration of its 25th anniversary.  To help mark the moment, Neal Brothers Foods Inc. has launched a 12-month national marketing campaign timed to coincide with the launch of a line of hand-cut, Neal Brothers Foods Kettle-style Chips.  The initiative is the result of a twenty-five year intrepid global hunt by brothers, Peter and Chris Neal for the perfect style and ingredients to make the launch the marquis event of their company’s silver anniversary.  Featuring two flavours unique to the category — Maple Bacon and Pink Himalayan Salt, in addition to Pink Salt and Vinegar and Sweet & Smoky BBQ — the new product line premiered at the CHFA West show in Vancouver last month.   Founded by product innovators, entrepreneurs and distribution experts, Neal Brothers Foods has been built on a dedication to ethical trade, sustainability and wherever possible, organic products and ingredients.

 “This is a coming of age for us,” said Peter Neal, co-founder, Neal Brothers Foods Inc.  “With 25 years in the making of the best brands in their vertical in Canada, we plan to make the most of our anniversary with a new snack that rocks the category while embodying our high standards of quality and business practices. After an exhaustive search we’ve now reached the stage where we can deliver on the promise of a product we’ve dreamed of since the inception of our company.  Our Chips, and their supporting campaign, will catapult us to the next level.”

The marketing initiatives are aiming to marry the brand’s nature and gritty brand image, building expertise.  Central to the 2013 campaign is a comprehensive, whimsical redesign of all Neal Brothers’ branded packaging created by award winning design agency, Slingshot Inc.  Packaging design for the new line of Kettle-style Chips features humorous corporate and family anecdotes and the brothers’ histories with photographs from their youth, created in-house with Slingshot in anticipation of the anniversary celebrations.  Additionally, a new logo created by the firm’s in-house design team shows a refreshed image appearing on all Neal Brothers products.  Campaign initiatives include traditional and online advertising, consumer events and in-store POP, with creative by Neal Brothers in-house design team.  The website, designed in-house with Metropolis Media, has undergone a significant transformation to reflect the fun brand nature featuring cheeky humour and animated text.



est-ce que les chips au sel hymalayan sont sans gluten ?


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