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NATIONAL Public Relations Appoints Coombs And Vien As Partners

Julie-Ann Vien Sarah CoombsJohn Crean, National Managing Partner, NATIONAL Public Relations just announced two new partners to Canada’s largest public relations agency.  Sarah Coombs and Julie-Anne Vien have been accepted as partners of NATIONAL Public Relations in recognition of their outstanding leadership and contribution to the success of the agency.

This now brings a total of 30 individuals who are partners at NATIONAL, based in offices in the Canada, the United Kingdom and United States.

Sarah Coombs leads the agency’s technology clients and has helped build that practice in Toronto to new levels. She has also extended her client work to other markets from British Columbia to Atlantic Canada.

Julie-Anne Vien is recognized for her leadership in the Quebec City office and in the Capitale‑Nationale community. She is well regarded by her peers and clients alike for her crisis and issues management skills as well as her media training expertise. She is an inspiring motivator for her peers.