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Many Women Lie On Facebook, Are You One Of Them?

women lieAccording to a survey of 2,000 women conducted by OnePoll, one in four women distorted or exaggerated what they are doing on the social media site once a month. Many of the surveyed women had pretended to be out of town, to be home alone or embellish about their job or an exotic holiday.

Why Do Women Lie On Facebook?

According to the data, the most common reason to fib on Facebook is worrying that their life sounds “boring,” seeing other friends exciting posts they got a sense of jealousy.
The survey data also revealed that one third of the women admitted to being “dishonest” on various social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter from time to time.

Additional Information The Data Revealed

  • almost one in four admitted to lying or exaggerating about key aspects of their life online between one and three times a month while almost one in 10 said they lied more than once a week.
  • nearly 30 per cent of women lied about “doing something when I am home alone”, almost a quarter overstated their alcohol consumption while one in five were not truthful about their holiday activities or their jobs
  • one in five women even lied about their “relationship status”