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8 Tips On Properly Managing Your “Social” Social Lives

Security vendor AVG passed along the follow 8 tips that will help you manage you social media lives:

  1. Don’t Post in Anger – One in eight 18-25 year olds communicated negative posts online about their boss or employer after a bad day at work. These kinds of comments/posts make you out as untrustworthy and disrespectful of company confidentiality.
  2. Vary Your Friend Privacy Settings – 20% of the 18-25 year olds surveyed have Facebook profiles that are completely open for everyone to see. In the US, 59% have the same privacy settings for their colleagues as they do for their personal friends.
  3. Respect the Rules – Follow the rules set by your workplace regarding social media use. What does it say in your contract? Keep in mind confidentiality, bringing your employer into disrepute, and intellectual property.
  4. Clean Up Your Act – 57% of the 18-25 year olds surveyed have not done an online audit of their social media presence. Take the time to edit and delete incriminating information; take control of your online reputation.
  5. A Picture Says a Thousand Words – On Facebook, 300 million photos are posted a day. Be mindful of what photos you make public.
  6. Don’t Stretch the Truth – Many employers are using the professional social network LinkedIn in place of the standard CV. Avoid all temptations to exaggerate achievements at the risk of being caught.
  7. Show Your Best Side – A positive online footprint could be beneficial to your livelihood so showcase yourself in an optimistic light. Make sure to audit your online presence!
  8. Limit Your Digital Baggage – Your online interactions are adding to the information that exists about you. What do you want all this digital content to reflect? Manage your digital footprint!