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Tips: 4 Killer Mistakes To Piss Off A Journalist

  1. Pitching the wrong way – The name of the game is media relations, relationship take time to build and there are different ways to communicate, not every journalist wants to be called, perhaps they prefer to receive email.
  2. Pitching too often – Some client’s news stories can be seasonal, and they might have a lot of promotions to share during one given quarter, but you don’t want to flood a journalist’s inbox with press releases that they perceive as the same or similar.
  3. Ignoring/ not knowing their name – Saying a person’s name is a sign of respect. It is a very simple way to stroke someone’s ego (and we all have an ego, yes, even you!).
  4. Ignoring/ not knowing their area of interest – Quite often PR In Canada gets pitched on stories that have nothing to do with our audience. Do you really want to read about a new chocolate being launch in Texas on PR In Canada?