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5 Reasons PR Pros Can Not Ignore Mobile And Their Impact On Business

Android, Blackberry, iPhone, Microsoft, there are so many choices for smartphones today, but believe it or not, there are still a few among us that have phones that look like they are from the days of the 80’s.  As a public relations professional you can no longer ignore the impact and power that mobile has on both our business and personal lives. Here are 5 reasons why PR professionals should no longer ignore mobile devices:

  1. 150 million smartphones and growing according to comScore, Apple’s iPhone and Android are currently the most used smartphones in North America, and of course tablet devices also have a place at the table when it comes to market share
  2. It is not just about making a phone call anymore.  Smartphones and tablets are true media consumption devices. In fact, the average smartphone user spends more time surfing the Web, browsing their social media accounts, listening to music, and playing games on their phone than, you know, actually making phone calls and sending text messages. The average phone call length is now less than 90 seconds.
  3. We all want to save a buck or two… Couponing goes mobile according to a Pew Internet study, 40 percent of smartphone users redeem coupons on their mobile devices
  4. “There is an app for that.” The saying has been used all over the world, the average smartphone user now has 41 apps on his or her phone, up from 32 in 2011. Apps help us do everything from reading an email, taking (and sharing photos), logging in our hours on the job, or even keeping the kids busy in the back seat with the latest version of Angry Birds
  5. Social media on the go social media use is the second most-popular activity for smartphone and tablet users. In fact, 64 million smartphone users in the U.S. accessed social networking or blog destinations via mobile device as of December 2011. Think about that. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and location based apps. These can be a gold mine to reach your target consumers.