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Swiss Chalet Promotes “Family Time” In Latest Campaign, Taps Comedian Jessica Holmes

Swiss Chalet is kicking off their latest summer campaign and has enlisted the help of comedian Jessica Holmes.  The restaurant chain has been adored by Canadians for over 58 years so it has learned a thing or two about what families want.  Family dinners where those moments of mealtime magic, love and laughter – where new memories and traditions are created, cherished and remembered for years to come. Yet, as day-to-day life becomes increasingly busier, Canadian parents too often struggle with setting aside time to come together and celebrate being a family.

“I’m a working mom, so I know how tough it can be to get the family together for a meal – not to mention a healthy meal that my two young picky eaters will love,” says Holmes. “No one ever complains when we head to Swiss Chalet.  Everyone has a favourite meal there – including my husband (smoky BBQ ribs) and me (fresh salad) – and the relaxed atmosphere makes it the perfect place to chill as a family. It’s the only restaurant where I’m not in a rush to leave because of the kids! Whether you’ve been eating at Swiss Chalet for 20 years, or are just trying it for the first time, you’ll be amazed by all the fresh options.”

The new campaign kicks off July 27th, for four weeks, Swiss Chalet custom food trucks will travel to various locations around Canada to give away free samples of their signature fries and Chalet dipping sauce. With each sample, Canadians will receive a coupon giving them a chance at 15 per cent, 25 per cent or 100 per cent off their next meal at Swiss Chalet.

“Studies show that when families eat together more often, kids’ life skills also benefit – including having a better chance of doing well in school, communicating with their parents, and adopting healthy dietary habits,” adds Holmes, who is also a wellness coach. ”For us, Swiss Chalet is a guilt-free, relaxing family night out. We’ve even gone there with family friends, requested a table for 16, and had a stress-free dinner party.”