What Makes Canadian Moms Tick? [Study]

Being a mom isn’t an easy job, and defiantly one of the most important jobs in the world. If you are reading this and a mom, chances are you wear a few hats – during the day you are a communications or PR profession, and then at night you switch hats to become the mother of the household.  Public relations agency Citizen Relations turned to AskingCanadians to partner on a new study that involved Canadian moms.  They wanted a better understanding of the mom market, they conducted a study to uncovering new, unusually revealing insights about Canadian moms that go beyond the conventional wisdom of purchasing power.

They have released the following infographic that helps paint a picture of What Makes Canadian Moms Tick:

Here are a few other nuggets:

  • Working moms and at-home moms are more alike than they are different, but they don’t seem to realize this. Both groups have made the choice to work or to be at home in order to benefit their families, but both groups also see the alternative as a viable choice.
  • Each group over-estimates the personal importance of the respective choice for the other. The reality is, working moms admit that they do not require work to be happy, and at-home moms report that could also find happiness working.
  • In fact, most moms indicate that they want to work. Given the option to make a change, only 1 in 5 working moms would leave work altogether, whereas half of at-home moms would join the workforce. Not surprising, then, that moms universally identified their ability to juggle it all as something to celebrate about them.
  • As well, one third of all moms agree that the most precious commodity in their lives is time alone. They aren’t asking for much more than that. Given a couple of hours to themselves, they would simply like to catch up on some reading, sleep, or exercise. For the two-thirds who would opt for $200 instead, the ask is equally modest: a new article of clothing, a little pampering, a chance to dine out. A great many moms would share even this indulgence with their family.

INSIGHT #1: Don’t perpetuate the myth of mom as Superwoman. Without realizing it, you’re adding unwanted pressure. Mom is multifaceted, but doesn’t expect herself to be perfect at all she does.

INSIGHT #2: Rethink “aspirational.” Telling mom she can have it all suggests she doesn’t have enough or needs more. Stats show moms don’t need work to be happy, at-home moms desire time with their spouse more than working moms, and precious time alone would be spent reading, sleeping or exercising.

INSIGHT #3: Working and stay-at-home moms are more similar than different. Most working moms do it for the money; most at-home moms do it for their kids. And, given the opportunity, one in five working moms would leave work, and half of at-home moms would return to work.