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Harley-Davidson Wants You To “Live The Dream”

When you think of the words ‘cool’ and ‘motorcycles,’  Harley-Davidson is definitely something that will come to mind.  As part of their latest advertisement, they tapped the talent of JAN Kelley Marketing to create the “Live The Dream” campaign.  Their target, competitive riders who want to do just that, “Live The Dream,” and the promotion is just in time for motorcycle season.

“We built this concept around the idea that there’s ‘a little Harley® in everyone’”, says Lynn Ridley, Vice President Creative, JAN Kelley Marketing. “The goal is to connect with those riders who see something of themselves in the Brand – as independent, free-spirits – they live to ride. Even as a kid, their bike made a statement – every inch of it, lovingly customized and maintained.”

A key component of the campaign is a TV spot that features a young boy who takes great pride in his bike. From the chrome to the wheels, his dream is to have the best ride on the block. The sound of a card in the spokes grows into the low rumble of a motorcycle as he speeds past, unleashing his dream.

JAN Kelley commissioned original music and lyrics by Canadian composers, Ian Thomas and Tim Tickner that reinforces the emotion between bike and rider – both young and old. It’s more than a pleasurable pastime, it’s an intimate relationship.