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18 Common Behaviour Traits Of Facebook Users

Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project released data from a new report on Facebook, some interesting points to consider next time you are looking to leverage the social network for your campaign:

  1. 20 to 30 percent of very active Facebook users called “power users” are responsible for a lot of the friend requests, tags, posts, and messages we all recieve
  2. Women do more status updates than men
  3. People love to use the like button — it is one of the most popular activities on Facebook
  4. It is more common to be “liked” than to like others
  5. On average, Facebook users receive more messages than they send
  6. Users comment on their friends’ pages more often than they update their status
  7. People are more likely to be tagged in photos than they are to tag others in photos
  8. Facebook users average 7 new friends a month — men are more likely to send a friend request, women are more likely to receive one
  9. Few people unsubscribe from their friends’ news feeds
  10. Your friends on Facebook have more friends than you do, and they probably don’t know each other
  11. Facebook users can reach an average of 150,000 other people through their friends
  12. Active Facebook users are also more likely to participate in political activism
  13. Active Facebook group members are more likely to try to persuade someone to vote for a specific candidate
  14. Almost no one uses the poke button
  15. The more friends a user has, the more they do on Facebook
  16. There is no evidence of Facebook fatigue, even amongst Facebook veterans
  17. More educated users have a more diverse group of Facebook friends
  18. If you tag your friends in photos, you probably have close ties and friendships with others.