Does Your Brand Have An Employee Ambassador?

Quick – who’s the first person you think of when I say: Apple, Ford, Sprouter, Deloitte. For me I think of the following – Apple – Steve Jobs, FordScott Monty, Sprouter – Erin Bury, Deloitte – Peter McNeil.  These are all people who come to mind as soon as I mention the brand and I have noticed come to mind for many others as well.

Steve Jobs needs no introduction, simply he is the guy who turned around Apple and put it on the global map – probably for ever.

Scott Monty is the Head of Social Media for Ford, he is the guy who showed the world how a car company can be “cool” and often used as examples of how to do social media right.  Ford has engaged in many social media programs, often calling upon skeptics and turning them into brand ambassadors of Ford.

Erin heads up social media at Toronto-based Sprouter, while many may not fully understand what the business does, they certainly have heard the name due to Erin’s passion and tireless efforts to engage with audiences online and offline, and that passion for the brand has turned into a new opportunity for the company.

Although he left over a year ago, Peter McNeill was heading up marketing for Deloitte, but during that time he was the brand champion of consulting firm, the guy that every knew and you wanted to work with Deloitte “because” of Peter.  He took what was once a very conservative brand who used a lot of old-school marketing tactics and showed them how to embrace the “new-school” and that customers can be found offline and online.

Just a few examples and people that come to top of mind, feel free to share any other examples that you have come across.  Of course I’m not suggesting that social media is a must have for your company, it was just something helped the people above share their passion for the company’s they work for in a much broader way.