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Nominate: Your Favourite Blogger (s) Of 2011

Throughout 2011 you have engaged bloggers in your campaigns, product launches, promotions and contests, now it’s time to recognize these bloggers for the audiences and strengths they brought to your campaigns.

We have started a search for the best blogs of 2011, you might remember we did a search for the Most Influential In Social Media, well now its time to update our list as we begin our hunt to discover your favourite blogger of 2011.
The process is simple:

  • Nominate your favourite bloggers from any of the categories we have defined in the polls below (if there is a category we missed be sure to let us know in the comments)
  • Next we’ll open up for votes mid-January

To get things kicked off we’ve listed a few bloggers, be sure to add other nominations at the bottom in the comments section.

Fashion Blogger

A Haute Mess (Niki Blasina)
I want – I got (Anita Clarke)
Janis Galloway – Dress Me Dearly

Gadget Blogger

Greg Gazin – Gadget Guy Greg Gazin
Jay Kenobi & Perpetual Motion – Vancouver Gadgets

Legal Blogger

David Canton – eLegal
Trevor Cook

Music Blogger

Aaron Levin – Weird Canada
David Farrell – FYIMusic

Photo Blogger

Rannie Turingan – Photo Junkie
Lisa Bettany – Mostly Lisa
Pete Carr – Little Time Machine

Political Blogger

Scott Tribe – Scott’s DiaTribes
Werner Patels – My Two Canadian Cents
Roy Eappen – Dr Roy’s Thoughts

Sports Blogger

Keith Korneluk and Chris Kaliszewski – Kings Cast
John Diekmann & John Diekmann – Golf Dash Blog
Patricia Hannigan – Golf Girl’s Diary
Brian Keogh – Irish Golf Desk

Technology Blogger

Mark Evans – Mark Evans Tech
Mark H. Goldberg

Travel Blogger

Candice Walsh – Candice Does The World
Carrie Kellenberger – My Several Worlds
Pamela MacNaughtan – SpunkyGirl Monologues
One lucky blogger will be selected from each of the categories, and the winner will be announced later this month.