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Are We Friends Or Frenemies On Facebook? New Research Shows Why

Here’s some new data from NM Incite, that helps to reveal some reasons why people choose to be friends on Facebook, or conversely decline their friendship request.

  • Knowing someone in real life is the top reason cited for friend-ing someone (82%)
  • Offensive comments are the main reason someone gets the boot (55%).

NM Incite goes on to say “Meanwhile, sales-oriented and depressing comments help drive friend removals. Facebook etiquette also plays a role, with updating too often, too little or having too many friends a consideration for some Facebook users.
Social media activity also plays a role in these decisions, as research indicates that men are more likely to use social media for careers/networking and dating – while women use social media for a creative outlet, to get coupons/promos or to give positive feedback. More men add friends based on business networks or physical attractiveness and women are more likely to friend based on knowing someone in real life or remove them due to offensive comments.”