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Edelman Goes Live With Social Influence Tools, BlogLevel And TweetLevel

As more and more corporations look to reach influential people, social media tools that help to measure influence become a critical part of business. Edelman recently launched BlogLevel and version 2.0 of TweetLevel, to the market place. Both tools are free to use and can help identify key people on blogs and/ or Twitter.

“Think of these tools as a ‘GPS’ for navigating influence on any topic,’” said Sylvain Perron, Managing Director Digital, Edelman Canada. “Our planning process involves every conversation touch point, traditional media and social media are influencing each other and for our team it has become increasingly important to better understand who influences whom in the overall media landscape so we can provide real-time value to our clients.”

The tool was originally developed to be used internally and tested by over 400 people including industry analysts, marketing professionals, journalists and brand marketers, unfortunately we were missed the invitation list. Of course Edelman is not the first to enter the social influencer space, but their solutions do sound like they offer a different spin on the age old problem of trying to identify who is influential when it comes to a person’s social presence specific to blogs and Twitter.