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9 Tips To Better Blogger Relations

It is nearly impossible to go on the Internet today without coming across a blog, they have changed the way that we all consume news. With that in mind blogs and bloggers have also had a significant impact on the world of public relations.  Here are a few tips that we put together that we hope will help you with your blogger relations efforts.

Should you care?

Because you can not afford to!

  • Over 70% of internet users read blogs
  • Blog posts are now often used to help influence purchase decisions
  • Bloggers organically talk about brands – in positive and negative ways

Tip One: Identify Relevant Targets

  • Nobody likes a generic pitch that has no relevance to their blog or readers. Take time to research relevant bloggers whoare most likely to beinterested in your product or service BEFORE you initiate contact.

Tip Two: Forget the word pitch

  • A successful blogger outreach strategy is anchored by individualized, ongoing and authentic relationship building. All good relationships require work, time and reciprocity. Invest in others and they will invest in you.
  • Massive emails – DEAD
  • Embargo – DEAD

Tip Three: Ask Yourself, Am I Providing Value?

  • Seek to provide value to a blogger in exchange for sharing your product or service with their community.
  • Take a hard look at your proposal to determine – “Am I offering something of value or is this all about “the ask?”
  • Value can mean many things i.e. exceptional, exclusive content, a unique experience or a sponsored post.

Tip Four: Get Creative

  • The good thing of blogger relations is that there is no blueprint.
  • With so many unique communities, the possibilities for how you can connect and engage is limitless
  • Try and go beyond ‘pay for post’ model and develop sustainable relationships aimed at nurturing a loyal network of “passionistas” for your brand.

Tip Five: Clearly Communicate Your Goals

  • The challenge with blogger relations is that there is no blueprint.
  • Make sure you outline your expectations and attached success metrics to your partnership and campaigns.
  • It is not a “successful campaign” if you can not measure it

Tip Seven: Keep Your Word

  • It should go without saying but if you’ve promised an incentive or any other consideration, follow through on it.
  • As a rule, treat bloggers with the same respect that you would with any other person you deal with.

Tip Eight: Participate!

  • Become an authentic contributor to the conversation through comments, blog posts, mentions, re-tweets, Likes, etc.
  • There is limitless opportunities to connect, share and engage with communities who may already have a vested interest in your brand.


Tip Nine: Take It Off

No matter how connected social media makes us, it won’t ever replace face-to-face engagement.

Find as many opportunities as possible to meet the people behind your connections.

You’ll find these in-person interactions will only enhance your existing, online relationships.