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UNO Celebrates 40, GCI Canada And Mattel Take It To The Roof

Did you now that the game UNO (owned by Mattel) recently turned 40?  To help mark the moment, Mattel and GCI came together to host a Rooftop games night and invited a number of media and bloggers to join the festivities.  GCI put together a series of events for the games birthday as well to help showcase the evolution of the product and prove there is nothing “over the hill” about being 40.  Today, the UNO brand is available on multiple platforms for anytime, anywhere play. Some of UNO’s®new features include a sleek mobile application for on-the-go fun, an “extreme” interactive card-shooter and other great twists for UNO players to enjoy.

“For UNO’s 40th anniversary, we’re thrilled to see it take on new life with sophisticated updates,” said Kathleen O’Hara, Mattel Games Brand Manager. “The way people play games is always changing, so we’ve added features for all different kinds of users. With mobile internet usage growing every year, the UNO mobile app now is perfect for the gadget-lover. Each of UNO’s updates mean adults and kids of all ages can enjoy the UNO that best fits them.”

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The Mattel team also featured an UNO app, and unreleased Mattel board games like UNO Roboto and Angry Birds at the event.  Check out the photos from the event.  Thanks Mattel for the great gift bag!