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Women Of Canada, Is Your Communication Style More Like Thelma Or Louise?

MasterCard Canada released some new data this morning as it celebrates “Thelma & Louise: The 20th Anniversary Homecoming.”  The survey looked at Canadian women and their preferred form of communication, a majority of Canadian women (65%) say they are more like Thelma than Louise, according to results.  While social media, sites like Facebook and Twitter back in 1991 when the movie was first released it has certainly had an impact on the world of communication and how Canadian’s stay in touch.

  • (81%) still prefer to keep in touch with their best friends through a simple phone call
  • E-mail was second (55%) followed by text message (32%)
  • instant messaging (25%)
  • the least popular method of keeping in touch? Letters (6%)

“Canadian women lead busy lives, but they still take the time to call their best friends – to make that human connection,” says Lilian Tomovich, Head of Marketing, MasterCard Canada. “As the saying goes: time is money, but taking the time to catch up with your best friend? Priceless.”

Also from the survey…

Solid as a…
…rock. Eighty-four per cent of Canadian women described their best friend as “a rock – she helps me through the good times and bad.” Three-quarters of women (75%) say their best friends have stood by them through bad decisions.

What is friendship without comfort and growth?
We all get the blues, but 90 per cent of Canadian women say their best friends make them feel better when they’re down, while 80 per cent said their best friend makes them a better person.

Friendships first
Women are willing to give up a long list of treats and indulgences, including chocolate (43%), a day at the spa (41%) – even a day off work (42%) and time with their partners/spouses (32%) – so they can spend some time with their BFFs. “Canadian women place great value on their friendships,” continues Tomovich. “Things that are normally important: time off work, time with partners – all take a backseat when it comes to our best friends. What better way to help Women’s College Hospital Foundation than by celebrating women’s friendship and honouring the iconic movie?”

Law-abiding citizens
Unlike Thelma and Louise’s famous adventure – which included crossing state lines and breaking the law – Canadian women believe their best friends to be law-abiding citizens. Only one in five (20%) say their best friend has – or will – break the law for them.

The survey was conducted by Research House from April 19 – April 25, 2011, via a national online survey of adult Canadian women aged 18+.