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According to a new poll released by, there is a definite lack access to opportunities at work between men and woman.  As part of the survey Monster hired Angus Reid Public Opinion to survey 2,040 Canadians and found that 33 per cent of women say they have less access to opportunities at work than men, whereas just 17 per cent of men responded this way.

“The survey results demonstrate that there’s still room for improvement in both women’s access to opportunities and in the perceived breakdown between the sexes,” said Monster Canada Senior Vice-President of International Sales and General Manager Peter Gilfillan. “It appears that Canadian men and women have conflicting perceptions and managers need to take a leading role in ensuring that all employees are seen as having equal access to those opportunities.”

As well, the survey showed that 67 per cent of men reported that women have equal or greater access to opportunities in the workplace than men, something with which just 47 per cent of women agreed.

“Among HR professionals, the proportion of women in senior HR roles is an important issue,” says Claude Balthazard, Director of HR excellence at the Human Resources Professionals Association (HRPA). “Recent surveys of HRPA members show that although, overall, there is a strong representation of women in the HR profession—more than 75 per cent—it is also the case that this proportion seems to reverse itself for senior management and executive positions.” conducted the survey as part of the upcoming International Women’s Day.