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News Canada: Syndication Still In High Demand, But Real Time Is The Key

News Canada shared with us results from their annual survey where they took responses from 3,000 print and online editors, advertising managers, content managers, designers, general managers and publishers. The survey looked at changes in syndications over the last year, as well it touched on how the media’s workplace landscape changed in the past year.

Print Publications Are Still In Demand In This Online World

  • 32% reported no change to their publication
  • 22% reported increased pages
  • 7% reported increase to issues/frequency
  • 4% reported increase to sections
  • 4% reported increase to inches
The Twitter Effect or How Real-Time Has Changed Publishing For Ever

Not too surprising, but there was a 50/50 split of people who said their online vs. offline content does not differ that much, however of that same group:

  • 30% indicated they have more content/ stories available online
  • 17% stated they have more updates or breaking news posted online
  • 17% said there was a different focus online from print, for example certain features only available in print etc.
  • 8% explained that they took advantage of the multimedia platform available online and included video, bloggers etc
The Oprah Moment or Content Is King

We have all heard it said many times, “content is king,” based on the chart below shows what type of video content it key to audiences, of course all the type of content that has turned Oprah into the media giant she has become.

Much like how the microwave changed cooking, Twitter has had a drastic impact on media and more specifically the ability to distribute news at a moment’s notice or in real-time.  This of course means that lead times for stories has also changed, according to the results 77% of respondents responsible for print publications indicated that they need between 1 to 10 business days in lead time when using syndicated content. While the online world’s lead time is different with 37% having none — almost half (49%) need between 1 – 10 business days for planning and designing their content.

The full survey results can be found at –