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Espresso Adds A New Vice President And Creative Director

Espresso has had quite a bit of growth over the last year that we’ve covered on PR In Canada for them, but now it looks like the Toronto-based communications agency is builking on on their further on their senior team.

Andrew Dorcas recently joined as Vice President. Andrew was previously the Director of Marketing Strategy & Business Operations for Samsung Canada’s mobile division (a client of Espresso).  He had also worked in a similar position at Samsung’s consumer electronics division.

Steve Hodges is Espresso’s new Creative Director. Steve came to Espresso from Maritz Canada where he worked on brands such as RIM BlackBerry, T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, TELUS and LG. Steve originates from England where he provided creative direction to North American companies for over five years and had been making waves in the European market prior to hopping the pond.