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PR In Canada is Looking for Guest Writers

2010’s quickly coming to a close and we’re looking for talented guest writers to join us in the New Year. If you want to write for PR In Canada and think you might be a good fit, read on.
What makes a great PR In Canada writer can be tough to define, but here are some qualities that could make you a perfect fit:

  • You are passionate about communications and public relations
  • You can explain complex concepts and strategies to a beginner with clarity and ease.
  • You can prove you can write.
  • Keeping up with the news, trends, research as it relates to public relations
  • You have basic photo editing skills and maybe even a knack for screencasts/making videos.

If a few things on this list describe you pretty accurately, you could make a good guest writer for PR In Canada. As a guest writer you’d be tasked with writing a few posts on a given day as a trial. If things work well, there’s a possibility of a more permanent, paid position. If you’d like to apply, send us an email at tips at editor [at]
Here’s what to put in your email:

  • 4-5 sentences about yourself, why you’d like to write for PR In Canada, and what would make you a good fit.
  • A couple of links to something you’ve written (especially blog posts) and interesting projects you’re proud of
  • Your availability.

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