Battle Of The Blogs Launches Today, Competition To Recognize Best Industry Blogs Of 2010

SoftCity, developers of social commerce website dedicated to software, today launched “Battle of the Blogs,” a competition to recognize the best industry blogs of 2010. Starting today, December 1 through December 31, anyone can nominate and vote for favorite blogs in a variety of categories. Voters are eligible for a number of exciting prizes every day, and the winning blog in each category will be awarded an Apple iPad as well as a special badge denoting the blog as an officially recognized expert. To add some holiday spirit to the competition, SoftCity is also now allowing its SoftCitizen users to donate earned SoftDollars, the community’s virtual currency, to participating charities.

The six categories are:

  • Business and IT
  • Creative and Tutorials
  • OS and utilities
  • Social Media
  • Gadgets and Home
  • Apps and Mobile

Blog owners are encouraged to rally for support from voters, in return for support, voters are eligible for daily gift card drawings and earn double the SoftDollars for each vote, which can be used for deep discounts on software purchases from the SoftCity Marketplace. Those who vote for the victorious blog in each category are also entered into a drawing for the grand prize.

“We are very excited to launch this competition and we wish all nominees the best in the weeks to come. From business and IT to mobile and gadgets, we look forward to helping SoftCitizens find the best sources of online information, reviews and tutorials,” said Marc-Antoine Ross, Co-Founder and COO of SoftCity. “By enabling users to donate some of their SoftDollars from participating in the SoftCity community, we are bringing a new, charitable component to social commerce. This holiday season, we look forward to providing the participating charities with donations that can be used toward valuable software tools.”

To spread holiday cheer to worthy causes, SoftCity also launched its first charitable giving campaign. SoftCitizens are rewarded with SoftDollars every time they participate on SoftCity by voting, asking questions, writing a review or posting articles and comments in the online community. Now through December 31, SoftCitizens will have the option of donating a portion of their earned SoftDollars to charities including The Learning About Multimedia Project (LAMP), Youth for Technology Foundation, and Urban Tech. In addition, SoftCity will award one million SoftDollars to be used toward free software purchases to the charity with the most donations.

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