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Cossette, A New Day, A New “Vision 7” As Company Rebrands And Restructures

Canadian marketing communications company Cossette has seen its share of ups and downs over the last year. With much of that behind them the company has announced it will now create two separate entities that will operate under a new holding company called Vision7 International.

“This evolution is designed to better meet the needs of our clients and to remain at the forefront of an industry that is experiencing a major reshuffling of its global business landscape. Our entrepreneurial culture constantly drives us to challenge ourselves to adapt and to evolve,” said Claude Lessard, Chairman and CEO of Cossette.

Vision7 International will be a Canadian-based holding company led by Claude Lessard, Chairman and CEO, two distinct entities, each with its own business model, will give the company the flexibility to grow in Canada and at the same time compete more aggressively at the international level.

The holding company corporate structure is a common one among international marketing communications companies. Brett Marchand. will lead the new Cossette will as President recently appointed CEO. As part of their offering, Cossette will offer a wide range of communications services such as strategic planning and research, interactive communications and mass advertising, channel planning and media buying for both online and mass media, sales promotion and direct marketing, database and customer relationship management (CRM), online social marketing, interactive marketing and technology solutions, branding and design as well as print and video production.

Vision 7 has also set its sights on International growth, which it will do under the Esprit de Corps Communications brand with marketing disciplines operating in the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada. This network will be jointly led by Gregor Angus, President of Esprit de Corps Europe and by Colin Schleining, President of Esprit de Corps North America.

Esprit de Corps will include a roster of top international agencies in five key areas: interactive communications and mass advertising (Dare and MCBD); sales promotion and direct marketing, database and customer relationship management (CRM) (Elvis in the U.K.); public relations and social media (Paine PR in the U.S., Optimum PR in Canada and Band & Brown in the U.K.); online social marketing (Rocket XL), and channel planning and media buying for both online and mass media (Jungle Media).

The Vision7 international leadership team will include Claude Lessard, Chairman of the Board and CEO; Brett Marchand, Vice-Chairman of the Board; Pierre Delagrave, President of Media; Martin Faucher, Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer; Marcel Barthe, Vice-President, Corporate Strategy; and Kimberley Okell, Vice President, Legal Affairs.

This restructuring is the first major development at Cossette since the company returned to private ownership in December 2009. After a decade as a public company that saw significant international expansion, Cossette was privatized last year when Mr. Lessard and a group of senior managers led an investor group in the acquisition of the company. This large group of senior managers from Canada, the U.S. and the U.K. now own 45% of the company.