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Toronto Personal Trainer First Out Of The Gate To Cut Mayor Rob Ford’s Fat

Ever wished you’d had that “big idea” someone else thought of first? Well, we can all tip our hats to Poul Nielsen, President of Nielsen Fitness, a personal training company, for being first out of the gate to find a promotional tie-in with newly elected Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. With Ford promising to “cut the fat” at City Hall, Nielsen Fitness is offering the Mayor free personal training to cut the fat from the politician’s waistline.

Rob Ford’s weight is not a new revelation. Remember the Globe and Mail columnist who called the candidate a bad name and made fun of his weight? NOW magazine tried to determine Ford’s actual weight in its pre-election coverage, and numerous other references to the Mayor’s size have become story headlines. Poul Nielsen was simply the first to connect the dots in identifying how his line of work relates directly to public awareness about Rob Ford, and he made an offer the politician may find difficult to refuse.

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Sandra Upeslacis is President of IDEASPEAK Public Relations. [email protected]