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Schick Signs On As Partner Of Movember, The Fight Against Prostate Cancer Begins November 1

Men across Canada, its that time of year again to get hairy! As November quickly approaches that means its time for “Movenber,” the world’s largest fundraising campaign for prostate cancer research. For 2010, Schick has signed on as an official partner of Movember, where men embark on this 30-day hair-a-thon that according to Movember guidelines they must start the month cleanly-shaven and start growing a moustache on November 1st.

“Whether you have trouble growing stubble or look like a sasquatch by sundown, we want to remind everyone to ‘Schick’ to the rules and start Movember cleanly-shaven,” says Josh Gardner, Schick Brand Manager, Energizer Canada. “Schick is a proud partner of Movember this year. We encourage everyone to grow their support for this great cause because the cure for prostate cancer may be right under your nose.”

How To Participate In Movember

On their own or as part of a team, Mo Bros and Mo Sistas (women who support the moustache and raise funds and awareness for men’s health) can register to join the campaign or donate at This year marks the fourth Movember campaign in Canada. In 2009, 39,958 Mo Bros and Sistas raised nearly $8 million for Prostate Cancer Canada.

As part of their partnership, Schick (a division of Energizer Canada) is promoting the Schick Hydro and has offered up a few tips for veterans at growing a Mo (slang for moustache), or those who will be entering on their virgin voyage into facial fur, there are a couple of things you need to know before you grow. As a proud partner, Schick Hydro, a division of Energizer Canada, is offering the following things to consider:

  • Get off to a clean start. No cheating – participants must start Movember 1st cleanly-shaven and grow their Mo for 30 days. Once Movember is over, it is time to shave your mug.
  • Keep a stiff upper lip. Thirty days is a long time to grow a Mo. You may have some discomfort or irritation if it is your first time, and there may be periods of growth where you don’t look your best. Remember this is not a sprint, it’s a hair-a-thon, stay the course for a great cause.
  • Mo Sistas: Embrace his face! He’s hairy and he’s scary but he’s doing it for a good cause. So whether you are a girlfriend, sister, mom or wife, support your Mo Bro. Raise funds, help him trim and best of all shave it off December 1st.
  • Keep it Mo-fessional. Starting a new job or have a big new biz pitch in Movember? Not to worry. Having a Mo is a great ice-breaker for any occasion. Everyone from titans of industry and world leaders to artists and athletes have rocked the look with pride. Be the talk around the water cooler – tell everyone the reason for your Mo and offer ways they can support you and Prostate Cancer Canada.

Why Support Movember

  • One-in-two men will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. One-in-three women will be diagnosed.
  • One-in six men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. One new case occurs every 2.7 minutes and a man dies from prostate cancer every 19 minutes.
  • Rates of prostate cancer in men are comparable to rates of breast cancer in women.
  • The World Health Organization projects that in 2010 cancer will become the leading cause of death globally, surpassing heart disease and stroke.

Schick has also created a special site where you can see what you’d look like with your “Mo,” check it out at for ways to personalize your Mo.