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Team PR In Canada Brings It Home And “Walks A Mile In Her Shoes”

Some of you may recall that last week that team PR In Canada came together last week to brave the harsh conditions of high heels as we took part in “Walk A Mile In Her Shoes,” which is an annual event that helps to raise funds for the White Ribbon Campaign. The event took place at Yonge/ Dundas Square in downtown Toronto and attracted well over 500 men all wearing an assortment of high heels (I have a new respect for women and what they go through), a number of women who also joined (wait, none of them were wearing heels), police officers and EMS workers.

The public relations was handled by a team over at Environics Communications, who also put together a team and you can see from the photos below this line their “stunning fashion sense.” (click on the images to enlarge)

Team Environics Communications Team Environics Warming Up

Overall it was quite an experience and was great to see that such an important cause bring together a number of companies from Canada’s digital landscape including Delvinia, Quizative, Rogers Digital, Conversion Marketing, Design Lab, Sequentia, Twist Image, Adcentricity and Thindata 1:1. Chris Carder, CEO of Thindata 1:1 and a board member for the White Ribbon Campaign shared collectively these companies helped to raise almost $25,000 of the total $112,000+ raised for the charity.  Imagine what we can do next year?


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