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The Television Bureau of Canada Kicks Off “Miracle Food” Campaign, Can TV Sell Anything?

With the help of John Street, the Television Bureau of Canada (TVB) have launched a new campaign called “Miracle Food.” The campaign which will run for 5 weeks on television is aimed to help feature the virtues of broccoli, but instead using humour is helping to validate the power of television as a media outlet.

Back in January 2010, a TV campaign aired for broccoli pitting its “miraculous” health benefits against other so-called miracles. After just five weeks on air, without any other form of communication or marketing efforts, the “Miracle Food” TV campaign garnered some serious attention. Fan-created Facebook pages attracted over 20,000 followers and broccoli sales were up 8% over the previous year. The most rewarding metric of all was the extra 188,574 pounds of broccoli that went into grocery carts across Canada the month.

broccoli-octuplets – Miracle Food TV Spot #1

broccoli_parachute – Miracle Food TV Spot #2
The TVB’s “Miracle Food” campaign consisted of three broadcast spots, directed by OPC’s Brian Lee Hughes, which point to and a post-campaign print ad revealing the campaign.