Dairy Farmers of Canada Launch New Contest, Beware Of Impostor Ice Cream

As summer is quickly approaching the Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) are once again getting serious about the “crime” of impostor ice cream. Yes, you read that right, the DFC has launched a new microsite and contest to help inform Canadians on how to make sure they are buying real ice cream and not ‘frozen dessert’. As part of the campaign they are encouraging consumers to visit www.nicecream.ca where they will learn first hand the facts about real ice cream. The campaign is triggered by some recent manufacturers removing the ‘ice cream’ label from major brands, replacing it with the term ‘frozen dessert’. These products likely contain palm or coconut oils instead of cream. As a result, consumers are often completely unaware that the brands they buy are not ice cream. Instead they are buying a product that contains oils that many people are trying to avoid in their diet. Real ice cream is made from milk including ingredients derived from milk such as cream, skim milk powder and whey powder.

“There is nothing more satisfying on a hot day than delicious, cold, real ice cream made from 100% Canadian milk,” says Solange Heiss, Assistant Director, Marketing and Nutrition Communications at Dairy Farmers of Canada. “That’s why Dairy Farmers of Canada is urging Canadians to look for the 100% Canadian Milk symbol on ice cream packaging and make sure it says ice cream not ‘frozen dessert

The contest component allows any Canadian who enters chance to win a $10,000 trip to Jasper with their family at participating grocery stores, dairy bars and ice cream shops or on the internet at www.nicecream.ca. The website also links to the ‘Make Better Choices’ Facebook page where Canadians can upload their own funny videos and photos on the general topic of ‘making better choices’.