Special Event Boot Camp – August 9 & 10 – Toronto, Canada

Special Event Boot Camp is dedicated to training and development with strategic insight, direction, industry resources and tools in special events management. Our venues provide the stage for learning on-site and in the trenches – what we call the Front-Line.
Themed with military command with educational and engaging sessions on planning, executing, and rethinking command performance events.

Who Should Attend Special Event Boot Camp?
  • Individuals from Corporate, Not-for-Profit and Social sectors of Special Events
  • Event Planners from beginner to six years of experience
  • Marketing Planners
  • Advertising & Experiential Planners
  • Public Relations Planners
  • Individuals launching your career and/or a business in special events.

Instructors include:

  • Dana Kaluzny, Event Coordinator, Steam Whistle Brewing
  • Carol Moxam, Special Event Boot Camp
  • Michael Coombs, President, Prodigy Entertainment
  • Martin Rubio, VROOMmedia
  • Vwodek Wojczynski, Global Executive Manager, RSC Business Group
  • Cindy Johnson, Platinum Events Group
  • Gavin MacMillan, Bartender One

Register at http://specialeventbootcamp.com/