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Nautilus Solar Energy Expands Into Canada And Forms Partnership With Bright Power

As Canada continues to be a hot bed for clean technology, more and more companies will be looking to expand their operation into the country. New Jersey-based Nautilus Solar Energy, LLC announced plans to expand into Ontario, Canada with the formation of Nautilus Solar Canada Limited Partnership (“Nautilus Solar Canada LP”). Nautilus Solar Canada LP has an initial portfolio of 2.75MW AC of rooftop projects under contract from the Ontario Power Authority (“OPA”). Nautilus Solar CEO James M. Rice said, “We are pleased to move forward with the construction and financing of our first rooftop projects in Ontario, and look forward to replicating the success we have achieved in the United States.”

Nautilus Solar has also announced it will be partnering with Bright Power Inc., an Ontario-based solar developer. Bright Power’s management team has operated multi-national alternative energy business units for Fortune 500 companies and developed power and alternative energy projects with some of the largest utility organizations in the world. Bright Power and Nautilus Solar are in a partnership to develop and finance 10MW of rooftop solar projects in Ontario in 2010.

“Nautilus Solar is very excited about the opportunity to enter into the Canadian solar market. Ontario’s rooftop solar market is poised to grow rapidly in the coming years under the Feed-In-Tariff (“FIT”) program. Nautilus Solar looks forward to greatly expanding our current rooftop activity in Canada, working closely with local communities to create green jobs, reducing electrical power generation’s carbon footprint in Ontario, and providing local real-estate property owners with cash flow from property leases,” said Nautilus Solar CEO James M. Rice.