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Deloitte: Six Steps To Corporate Sustainability

While David Suzuki is one of the true God fathers when it comes to message of “save our planet,” no one has made the message more commercial that Al Gore with his “Inconvenient Truth” message and subsequent speeches around the world. Over at Clean Tech Corner we’ve been covering how clean technology is having an impact on the world of technology and some say it is the next big thing to hit the technology sector we can not forget about the rest of the corporate world. Everyday you can do your part at your office to help create a more green environment, and of course the business opportunity is to help your clients with their corporate sustainability.

Deloitte recently release their six steps to corporate sustainability:

  • Commit: Leadership commitment to mainstream the Global Compact principles into strategies and operations and to take action in support of broader UN goals, in a transparent way.
  • Assess:Assess risks, opportunities, and impacts across Global Compact issue areas.
  • Define: Define goals, strategies, and policies.
  • Implement: Implement strategies and policies through the company and across the company’s value chain.
  • Measure: Measure and monitor impacts and progress toward goals.
  • Communicate: Communicate progress and strategies and engage with stakeholders for continuous improvement.