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Two Canadian Public Relations Firms Merge, Communications MECA and Palette Public Relations Become One

A slight coming as two Canadian public relations agencies have announced plans to merge the two entities on July 1, 2010. With offices in Montreal and Toronto, Communications MECA and Toronto-based and Palette Public Relations will become energi PR’s and headed up by Founding Partners, Esther Buchsbaum APR, FCPRS, Carol Levine APR, FCPRS and Martin Waxman APR.

“We believe today’s announcement will have a significant impact on the Canadian PR scene by adding a larger, fully bilingual firm poised for growth,” says Carol Levine. “While the practical synergies are clear, the fit in terms of corporate culture, values and vision was bang on. The mood at both firms is ‘electric’.”

“We came up with a new name to highlight our smart, fresh and energetic approach,” says Esther Buchsbaum. “What better way to celebrate MECA’s 20th anniversary this year than to shake things up. What clients will get from energi PR is a jolt of fresh talent, ideas and innovative approaches to building and strengthening brands.”

Smart move on the part of both firms as they can leverage each others core strengths and now will be able to offer clients across Canada and the United States public relations services.

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