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Former Ignatieff Communications Director Joins Ketchum Canada

With over 25 years of experience in communications, Jill Fairbrother has brought her talent to the agency world as she joins Ketchum Public Relations Canada as a Senior Vice President. Most recently Jill was Communications Director for Michael Ignatieff in the Office of Leader of the Opposition, in 2009.

“Jill brings tremendous capability to our leadership team in Canada, especially in brand marketing and public affairs,” said Geoffrey Rowan, Partner & Managing Director of Ketchum’s Canadian operations. “In the world of consumer brand marketing, especially in food, nutrition, health and wellness, it has become essential to have a detailed understanding of the public affairs landscape. Brands aren’t just speaking to consumers today. The leading brands connect to stakeholders who influence consumer decisions, using a diverse set of channels.”

Throughout her career, Jill has worked with many of the most valuable brands in Canada, including many of Ketchum’s current clients.