Who Are The Most Influential Mommy Bloggers? Nominations Open Now!

Over on Profectio we opened the door for nominations for the Most Influential Mommy Blogger, a mother who’s made some type of impact on you through her use of her blog.  Just in time for Mother’s Day we want to recognize not only all the Mother’s out there, but also all the Mommy Bloggers and would like you to help us identify who you feel are influentials (or simple your favourite bloggers).

Simply leave a comment here with the name and url of any Mommy Blogger, you can even add your own name to the list. We will then compile all the nominations and use a system similar to what we used in the past to help determine the Top 10 and Most Influential Mommy Bloggers. We will announced all of the nominations just in time for Mother’s Day on May 9th and then shortly after we’ll announce the final winners.

Bob LeDrew

Four good ones that I follow (even though I’m not the breeding type):

A peek inside the fishbowl: http://quietfish.com/notebook
Gliding Through Motherhood: http://mommyhoodforlara.blogspot.com/
Some Kind of Wondermom: http://mommytojoel.blogspot.com
Postcards from the Mothership: http://danigirl.ca/blog/

Meg Coppolino

I nominate Jenn Hudder, Account Director, Ringmaster + Partner of kitestring creative marketing + design. This Mompreneur gives go-getter insight into her expedition towards work-life balance, along with smart and sassy branding breakdowns, all served up with a sprinkle of small business owner know-how.
Check out samples of her posts through the(link on this page under “See all blog posts by Jenn”

Pilar Iglesias

I nominate Shazia Mistry – she’s a strong, single mother of three boys, an amazing web designer, woman and friend. Her blog is relevant, interesting, modern and fun to read.


Natalie from Marketing 4 Health

Although this blog is not targeted specifically to Moms, it is written by a Mom who is passionate about the use of social media to promote and advance healthcare in Canada. Natalie recently had her 2nd baby, and she used this opportunity to write an article about online communities for new Moms suffering from post-partum depression (see the article here http://marketing4health.wordpress.com/2010/04/05/pp/ )

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