Sequentia Environics Hires Adrienne Down Coulson As President

Sequentia Environics (a division of Environics Communications) has hired Adrienne Down Coulson as the firm’s new President, where she will help the company expand into new markets, redefine the Sequentia’s content, community and digital marketing analytics practices, and driving ongoing development of intellectual property and software offerings.

Adrienne has over 15 years of digital marketing and business leadership to Sequentia Environics. Most recently, she was President of Yield Digital (formerly Devtopia Digital) for four years and during this time she led digital marketing operations while doubling the web development business in her first year alone. Prior to this, Adrienne was Vice President Operations at MacLaren MRM for four years, and previously held senior client service positions with Yesmail and Netcentives in California as well as digital marketing positions with Sympatico and Harlequin Enterprises in Toronto.