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Can Executives Be Media Trained Or Are They A Public Relations Nightmare Waiting To Happen?

My day started off with a text message from a friend who’s in the trenches looking for their next marketing manager role.  They hustled and now have two offers on the table, one from a well known company and the other is a brand that really hasn’t had any headlines for about 8 years.  Right away my thought was jump for the opportunity with the well known brand, seems like a pretty easy decision right?  My friend mentioned they had an opportunity to meet the CEO of the company and was turned off by their presence, but she really enjoyed meeting the rest of the team.  Although it was the difference between a full time or contract opportunity,  it was clear as the CEO of the company that had the full time role turned her off wanting to work for his company.

If you’ve ever met me at an event, then you know I’m pretty good at networking and will often make introductions between people.  A few years ago a well known digital property was having a summer party and I brought two Directors to the party to meet with the CEO who was hosting the event. Much to my surprise the CEO shook their hand and walked away.  I can’t repeat the exact words that were used by one of the Directors, but let’s just say they were set not to do business with that company.

I challenge you to think of what kind of message does the CEO/ management team member of a client or company that you do public relations work for send out into the world?  With stakeholders being shareholders, customers, employees (or potential employees), media, to name a few it is increasingly important to ensure the right message is carried out at all time.

Any great examples of how to get your clients media trained that you’d like to share?