CPRS Recognizes 17 Newly Accredited Public Relations Professionals

The Canadian Public Relations Society Inc. (CPRS) announced eariler this week 17 public relations professionals from across Canada who have completed the requirements for becoming accredited Members of CPRS in 2009.
Public relations professionals who received their APR in 2009 are:

• Jim Armour APR – Ottawa, ON
• Natalie Bovair APR – Toronto, ON
• Sylvie Castonguay APR – Montréal, QC
• Graham Currie APR – Victoria, BC
• Mark Dottori APR – Stouffville, ON
• Brenda Jones APR – Burnaby, BC
• Julie Lepsetz APR – Montréal, ON
• Melissa Macdonald APR – St. Catharines, ON
• Kimberly Mason APR – Vancouver, BC
• Jeff Meerman APR – Vancouver, BC
• Holli Moncrieff APR – Winnipeg, MB
• Elizabeth Netto APR – Oakville, ON
• Lindsay Peterson APR – Toronto, ON
• Alyson Queen APR – Halifax, NS
• Jeffrey Rohrer APR – Toronto, ON
• Carolyn Van der Veen APR – Saint John, NB
• Andrew Wagar APR – Toronto, ON

This brings the total number of accredited Members to 476, representing 28% of the CPRS Membership.

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