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As more and more consumers purchase mobile phones, the opportunity for brands to leverage the platform continues to skyrocket. Apple (who made a purchase of a mobile advertising network earlier in the year) and Google (also acquired mobile advertising network for $750 million) together have invested over $1 billion to acquire two mobile advertising companies. sees the opportunity clearly and has launched a new re-branding campaign for for the Sympatico Mobile Network that will use the tag line “Small is the new huge.” The campaign was developed by ReThink and as Ian Grais, Creative Director and Partner adds, “The tagline ‘Small is the new huge’ reflects the power that these small devices can wield in the consumers mind,” said Ian Grais, creative director and partner, Rethink. “Information and brand messages that consumers are used to getting from multiple sources like TV, print and email, are now carried around in their pocket.”

“Advertisers are still shy with mobile,” said Brad Cressman, Director of Sales & Marketing, “Most brands don’t even have a mobile-friendly site and with the proliferation of mobile search, the consumer experience on their mobile phones must be paramount for brands.”

Campaigns ads will be on display in a number of venues from online banners to washroom board as it launches this month with further broad Sympatico’s brand as a mobile advertising solution to potential customers.