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Syncapse Launches SocialTALK, Measure And Monitor Brands In Real Time

Toronto-based Syncapse recently released SocialTALK, a software-based solution that improves workflow, enhances productivity and measures results for companies with social media programs that require posting materials on multiple online spaces.

The growth within social media continues to be on a steady rise, and each month we see more online destinations or social media tools being launched.  The new destinations are also being leveraged to allow brands to upload and share their content or message, of course with the growing number of sites to upload content this can daunting to marketers as it can consumer great amounts of time, and then in turn to have to provide results to upper management can get complicated.  The need for ,’real-time’ results monitoring has become critical as consumers are armed with tools that can now make or break your brand.

“Labatt’s marketing strategy increasingly relies on social media to build relationships with our most important brand advocates,” said Matt Ramella, Senior Manager, Media, Sponsorship and Digital Marketing, Labatt Breweries of Canada. “For Labatt, this means focusing ongoing engagement with hundreds of thousands of fans across multiple Facebook brand communities. SocialTALK streamlines this process and aggregates results into one convenient place, allowing Labatt to see return on investment in real time.”

One of the important features of SocialTALK is that it provides real-time results and can give marketers insights on how conversation are shaping across the internet, the tool currently operates on Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress, with plans to expand platform offerings in the near future.