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Profectio And PR In Canada Launch "Help Me Source", Business Recommendation Service

When you write about as many companies that have appeared on Profectio and PR In Canada you learn a thing or two about who’s ahead of the curve, which product or solution is a good fit, and who is selling “snake oil.”  Profectio is latin for the source and we want to continue to be that place and destination where you can turn for your business solutions so we’re going to be rolling out a new service to help connect buyers and sellers – “Help Me Source.

Here are a few additional ways that we can help:

Submit RFP – Is your company looking to purchase an advertising, marketing, public relations or technology product/ solution? Send us your RFP and we will distribute it to a targeted list of vendors for you, for FREE.

Job Listing – looking for your next great hire? Chances are they are reading one of our publications.

Recommended Talent – sure you can post your job on our job board and it does work! You could also tap into our network and have a few names recommended for you (once they have given us permission to pass their name).

RFP – looking for a great solution but not sure what vendors will give you the type of return you are looking for? We’ve written about all kinds of products and services from companies across Canada t(and the world) and can help make an unbiased recommendation.

Disclaimer: we are only making recommendations, we might not have used all the products/ services that we refer you to.

Let’s get you connected, try it out, it is FREE.