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How Would You Handle Tiger Woods PR Image?

There has been no shortage of news about Tiger Woods of late, rumors, jokes and much more have gone viral as he has become the “topic of the day.”  However as public tiger-woodsrelations professionals part of your role is being on the other side of the story. The side that has to do damage control and ensure that your clients brand can hold, if not regain its value.  Tiger has been fortunate with corporate sponsors such as Nike who’ve publicaly said they will stand behind the athlete.

I thought it would be interesting to have an open dialogue with the readers of PR In Canada to assemble some ideas and thoughts on how you (or your firm) would handle “brand Tiger Woods” if he were you client.  Drop a comment below with your thoughts (if you are a little shy then drop an email).  To get those creative juices flowing, here is what a few people said they’d get Tiger Woods for Christmas when I asked the question on my Facebook page last week.

esther buchsbaum

boy this is a tough one…my counsel would be to tell him to lay very low for a good chunk of time- he can’t escape – not to a country not to an island – media will hound him – his best bet is to enter a “compound” where he has room to manoeuvre but where security is tight – essentially he will be a prisoner and so will his family – but that’s the price one pays I suppose – the flip side of celebrity. An alternative may be to come clean – so clean that he ends up doing every media interview, every late night show, every day time talk show, sports shows, radio, etc to the point where media are so saturated and so sick of the story that it will simply stop – he’d have to seriously suck it up given the private person he is – in any case he has been seriously damaged as a result – I don’t believe he will ever be able to fully recover

John Simpson

Come back to golf early next year.

Start by winning the Masters by 15 stokes.

Then win 5 majors in a row

During the entire time – say nothing

Break every record out there and keep the pressure on.

Let the media frenzy build and build.

Then run for President…as a republican

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