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2009, The Year Your Lost Your PR Power

Over on Profectio I shared some thoughts and observations of media and news organizations this past year, I called the post “Free Media Is Dead!”   Many news organizations were brought down to their knees in 2009, but this means the ones who are still standing have a great opportunity, but only if they can see the light and adopt their business model.

pressThe change that we’ve seen has also had an impact on public relations. The number of media outlets have decreased as many were forced to close their doors and cease operations.  This has also had an impact on public relations as there are now less places for you to pitch a story idea which means your job instantly became harder.

We have also seen many journalists laid off in 2009 which has meant that some of the remaining ones are now focusing on two or three areas or industries so their time is now at a higher premium. Journalists now have a choice as whether to run your story or not, you story has instantly become in competition for which ever story will gain the largest audience of listeners/ readers or viewers. Less journalists also means that your job in public relations instantly just got harder.  The role of public relations is constantly evolving and changing and in 2009 the ability to simple push out a press release and get “instant coverage” went out the door with the traditional media business model.

How are you preparing for your career in public relations in 2010?  How are you preparing your firm to survive the new world of public relations?

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