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Survey Says – 89% Of Consumers Would Change Their Spending Habits To Support Good, Edelman goodpurpose Study

EdelmanEdelman has released their 3rd annual Edelman goodpurpose Consumer Study and we have the results fresh off the wire which shows some surprising results. Their global survey was taken by 6,000 people from 10 countries and revealed that “57 percent believe a company or brand has earned their business because it has been doing its part to support good causes.” Despite the global recession consumers still do want to make the world they live in a better place and are will but are they willing to spend more to get it? Sixty-three (63%) of those surveyed do look towards brands and companies to make it easier for them to make a difference, which makes sense as we look at the number of campaigns launched in 2009 that matched their brand or corporate message that empowering consumers to making a difference.

Canadian results from Edelman goodpurpose Study

Here in Canada, over half (58 percent) expect brands today to support a good cause and 89 percent would be willing to change consumption habits if it could help make the world a better place to live.

Other stats include:

  • Three times as many people (75 percent) would rather drive a hybrid car than a luxury car (25 percent)
  • Four out of five (83 percent) Canadians would prefer to live in an eco-friendly house than merely a big house (17 percent)
  • Sixty-nine percent of people also now feel that it’s becoming more unacceptable not to make noticeable efforts to show concern for the environment and live a healthy lifestyle
  • 87 percent of Canadian respondents (compared to 69 percent globally) would rather have a brand that supports the livelihood of local producers than a designer brand (13 percent).

“Consumers are now wearing, driving, eating, and living their social purpose, as sustained engagement with good causes becomes a new criterion for social status and good social behavior,” said Lisa Kimmel, General Manager, Edelman Toronto. “This gives companies and brands that become associated with a positive and worthy cause an opportunity to build long-term relationships with consumers that, in turn, allow consumers to feel valuable within their communities and social sets.”

Another difference with Canadians is the level that they want to give back, with 49% who supported good causes over the past year by supporting charities and nonprofit organizations

Being An Authentic Brand Is The New Social King

Looking at the overall results it shows that consumers across the world do want brands and companies to make a difference and give them products that will also allow them to make a difference on the planet. While corporate responsibilities programs are good (Edelman does have one), the opportunity ahead for corporations is to create social participation opportunities where consumers can be involved in the process and help to deliver long term benefits. Corporations now more than ever must be authentic in their brand messaging and their products must deliver results that consumers can trust in. Those corporations that do adhere to what consumers want as demonstrated by the survey results have a huge opportunity ahead of them to be  catalyst for social change and win consumers who will be their brand evangelists.

“Companies that respond to rising consumer expectations that they and their brands help make the world a better place will not only survive, but also thrive, in ways their competitors will not,” said Kimmel. “People today are more passionately supportive than ever, yet more demanding and unforgiving, as well.”

Edelman has created a website for the goodpurpose study, www.goodpurposecommunity.com.

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