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Zip.ca Gets Pretty In Pink With The Breast Cancer Society of Canada

zipOnline video rental service Zip.ca has turned to the support the Breast Cancer Society of Canada and the fight to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research in Canada in their “Pink Envelope Campaign.” The red envelopes that Zip.ca customers are used to seeing with their DVD rentals are now pink as part of the campaign. Printed on the back of each envelope is donation information for the BCSC, as well as the special promo code “BCSC”. This code acts as a ‘thank you’ to Zip.ca members by offering a free month of service for their friends and family when they sign up. Each time this code is redeemed Zip.ca will make a donation to the BCSC. Hopefully, this will encourage Zip.ca members to spread the word, and increase their own impact without having to make a large personal donation.

“The Breast Cancer Society is delighted to be able to partner with Zip in the Pink Envelope Campaign” says Executive Director, Marsha Davidson. “We truly believe that every dollar donated to breast cancer research takes us one step closer to finding a cure.”

The campaign was first launched in mid-September and will carry through to October which is Canada’s breast cancer awareness month.

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