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Stella Artios Wraps Up TIFF Contest, Prepares For VIFF Next

stella_artoisAs part of TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival) 2009, Stella Artois held a contest for “film buffs, culture junkies, party lovers and in-the-know individuals to apply for the job of a lifetime” to be the official Stella Artois Légère Insider. The winner was given VIP access to events across Toronto where they provided TIFF updates through Twitter and post tweets on film reviews, celebrity scoops and where all the hot parties were.

The campaign which was called “Stella Artois Légère Unseen” used print and online marketing to promote the contest, and their website hosted up-to-the-minute tweets and other information on TIFF, and will also house information on the upcoming VIFF (Vancouver International Film Festival) that runs from October 1 – 16.

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