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You Don't Blog, Are You Now A Life Streamer?

Everyone was all a buzz (for a minute) when Edelman’s Steve Rubel said that he’s going to give up blogging for life streaming which wondering whether it was time to get on the next band wagon of communications.

I recall back in 2003 being the first in Canada to organize a corporate blogging event and invited Shel Israel, Co-Author of Naked Conversations and he’s newest book – Twitterville since then there have been countless events on blogging and endless people calling themselves “bloggers.” From there someone got the bright idea to classify “bloggers” as if they are some type of super hero, celebrity or new sub-species of humans with labels such as A-List, B-List and C-List bloggers. Personally as I said during the Sex & The Sizzle event we hosted back in January 2007 on Corporate Blogging I don’t need another label. Look at me, a certain portion of society will put their own label on me so do I really need to go out there and segregate yet again? It is a different world though and Barack Obama’s election win has definitely started to make an impact and change people’s opinions of others.

Steve Rubel’s one of these guys who many have put on this superficial pedestal as a “blogger.” I’m not really sure why because when that whole Walmart/Edleman fake blog exploded he went quiet, yet aren’t bloggers supposed to be transparent? Jermiah Owyan calls him a “top blogger”  (Jermiah – how do you measure that?) If you look at his blog over the last year a large portion of the content was links back to other blog posts. So he’s become a human Delicious or book marking service?

Now the latest trend is to life stream. So are you a life streamer? Is that what all the cool kids are called?

How To Measure Social Media

There are so many tool in the market place that can help you measure you campaign and what is being said about your brand and/or company that I’m not sure why people still insist on arbitrary lists or labels. Things are still in the early days of being able to accurately measure social media due to the rate of change with the tools that help us create and share our comments, music, photos, reviews and videos. One Canadian company who I’ve been keeping an eye on and working with is Postrank.com. When we first launched the “Most Influential In Social Media” the team behind Postrank.com stepped up and helped to measure the over 100 people from across Canada that the readers nominated.  It was a great little experiment and something that we’ll evolve over time.

What is Life Streaming?

What are tools for Life StreamingWith the constant flow and way that information comes from services such as Twitter, the constant stream of one’s life so to speak could be described as where it first really took off. Since the popularity of Twitter has grown other sites such as Friendfeed (now acquired by Facebook) and Facebook have also adopted a similar format for displaying information. Facebook has said that since the change the homepage has become one of the dominate destinations and of course prime advertising real estate.

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